Windows Offline Install for FileMaker 14 Server

I recently needed to help a fellow colleague install FileMaker Server 14 at a clients with NO Internet access. The server was a Windows 2008R2 server and because of security restrictions through their IT department, we could not gain access to the Internet from the server.

On first install, we received the following error message:

IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) is required, but FileMaker Server was unable to download it. Either connect to the Internet and try again, or manually install IIS Applications Request Routing (ARR).

I found several blog posts about editing setup.ini and removing prerequisites from the ini and launching the setup.exe with some command line functions.

After throughly testing everything, the answer was much simpler! You have to install the required Application Request Routing 3.0 Stand-alone package (IExpress) x64 ( and then install FileMaker Server 14 normally. No extra fuss or editing!

Please let me know how you make out with this, as I’ve had success on 6 separate installs.

The testing and installs were done with FileMaker Server 14v4.