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FileMaker Custom Function - Formating Bytes

I recently had a need to format a field that was logging bytes into a database of files. 

The custom function has two (2) dependancies:

1.) MinValue ( theList; treatAsNumeric )
URL: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1566


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Windows Offline Install for FileMaker 14 Server

I recently needed to help a fellow colleague install FileMaker Server 14 at a clients with NO Internet access. The server was a Windows 2008R2 server and because of security restrictions through their IT department, we could not gain access to the Internet from the server.

On first install,...

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Knife Wielding Man on Metro

2015-11-23 @ 11:41AM

A man brandishing a knife on the Gold Line Metro, was taken into custody by LA County Sherifs Deputies with the assistance of South Pasadena Police, today.

The MTA operator stopped the train at the Mission/Meridian stop until Deputies boarded the train and...

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AppleScript - Speak Current Time

on getTimeInHoursAndMinutes()
– Get the “hour”
set timeStr to time string of (current date)
set Pos to offset of “:” in timeStr
set theHour to characters 1 thru (Pos - 1) of timeStr as string
set timeStr to characters (Pos + 1)...

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